Covid Tales Of Triumph (part 5): Marc

Clare Anderson
08th March 2021

Hey there - I’m Marc and I want to tell you how I love that my teammates choose to spend much of their personal time interacting (online of course) with each other because they want to - not because they have to. I was one of the last batch of newbies to be recruited (in April 2020) as the global pandemic hit. Despite just briefly having met each other in person during the actual Recruitment Day (we were the last team to do so just before lockdown kicked in), we will often chat, listen to music, make each other laugh with memes, watch anime or play games on evenings or weekends - we just genuinely love spending time together!

Other things I love and appreciate about being part of this team? How the recruitment process never felt like an actual assessment or competition - which allowed my true potential to shine through. All the help we received to work entirely from home for the time being (not just in metro Manila, but across Luzon Island and further afield in the Filipino provinces.) The constant feedback and one on ones that allow me to grow at my own pace and reevaluate myself on an ongoing basis. How we get together every Friday with the sole purpose of giving each other kudos. How close our team is - often their voices will be the first I hear in the morning. 

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