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We believe that if you bring together a group of smart individuals, inspire them with challenging work and share best-practice knowledge from around the globe, you can create a real difference in the world.

As individuals grow, outcomes improve and the impact spreads from workplaces to families and to entire communities. The world becomes a better place.

Help change the world and build global leaders through inspired work and shared knowledge.

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Why we do, what we do?

At ShareSource, we strive to fuel your business growth by connecting you with talent from a global marketplace. We can help your business save up to 70% of your human resources costs while providing meaningful work for STEM graduates in developing countries.

We take care of every aspect of recruiting and managing offshore talent, so that you and your team can focus entirely on growing your business. We’re passionate about making a positive social impact and committed to the long term personal and professional growth of our people.

ShareSource is all about people. We believe that to get the best talent, we must provide meaningful work and by partnering with you, we can achieve an outstanding outcome for all involved