Here are 4 main steps in our hiring process to ensure we are putting you forward for the best job for your skills with a company where you will thrive. And don't forget to take notes some tips for each stage of the interview for your good preparation.

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Interview - Phrase 1
Phone screen interview
  • Candidate receives a call from our Recruitment team, which means we are impressed by your CV!
  • The recruiter clarifies some of your information to get to know you better

What's expected of you?

  • Keep your phone close by for our call, relax and answer our questions. 
  • Prepare some interesting facts or achievements to impress our recruiters.
Interview - Phrase 2
Culture fit interview (with Sharesource)
  • We ask questions related to your personality and life experience rather than technical ones. This helps us identify if you are suitable for the role and able to work along well with the team in the long term.

What's expected of you?

  • Simply be yourself! This is your chance to shine, to show us your vibe.
  • Prepare some questions related to the company's culture to identify if we are a mutual cultural fit!
Interview - Phrase 3
Technical interview
  • Candidates have a direct interview with the clients (or we call them partners). They would work with you if you were to be offered the position
  • Clients ask many questions digging deep into your technical skills, work experience and achievements. Also, some culture-related questions are also included during this round to see if you are suitable for the culture of their company.

What's expected of you?

  • Be confident and professional. Come prepared with all the insight related to the technical field that you are working in. 
  • Researching the client, read any relevant documents and come armed with questions. There may be a task or assessment to be done prior to this interview.
Interview - Phrase 4
Meet & Greet
  • Congratulations, you have reached the final step. This is a chat with our Country Managers, who speak to you about our benefits, policies, working process and the fun aspects of working with Sharesource.

What's expected of you?

  • Relax! Sharing information and answering any questions so that you are more fully informed before you start!

Our culture forms the foundation of everything we do at Sharesource. Our teams are made up of a rich mix of culture, experiences and skills however we all share a common denominator: Our Values.

Challenged & Autonomous


Growth mindset

Being heard and cared for

Make good friends

Flexibility Flexibility


You can do your best work from home, at the coffee shop, or while sitting overlooking the sea. You and your team can choose when and how often you meet up either virtually or at our hub. 

Global Working Environment Global Working Environment
Global Working Environment


Work directly with our Australian and UK partners, as a member of our Vietnam and Philippines teams. At every stage you will be supported by your global colleagues.

Career Progression Career Progression
Career Progression
We provide a structured career path based on your ability and expectations. This includes ongoing training, coaching, and mentoring programs that start from day one and continue along your work journey.

We are proactive global leaders who seek to create positive social and environmental impacts. As a new member to the team, you can play a key role in being a part of that impact.


At Sharesource, every member's uniqueness makes up our awesome culture in the organisation. With 3 big hubs in Philippines and Vietnam, and 20+ cool Tech partners from Australia, Canada, and the UK, we are committed to bringing global job opportunities closer to smart people and help them become global leaders every step of the way while unleashing their human potential. 


We celebrate special milestones and recognise achievements. We engage team members from our various global hubs with monthly events, celebrations and activities. We invite you to become a part of an awesome global community!


Explore your global career opportunities with us! Fill out our Conversation Form and we will reach out to you within 24-48 hours.


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