Global Graduate Program

Begin your career and discover new possibilities of your potential.


Biarri Networks

Global Graduate Program

Begin your career and discover new possibilities of your potential.

Sharesource | Biarri Networks

Global Graduate Program

Begin your career and discover new possibilities of your potential.

Sharesource | Biarri Networks

Global Graduate Program

Begin your career and discover new possibilities of your potential.

Sharesource | Biarri Networks

Our purpose

We provide global job opportunities for fresh members who are excited to kick off an awesome career in network design! This Global Graduate Program helps potential candidates build a solid career foundation to work with a cool disruptive business in Australia.

As the next generation of Network Planners for an international telco engineering company, you will work alongside the project team - Design, Technical, Quality Assurance/Quality Control, and Project Management. You will be responsible for assisting your team in the delivery of Fibre Network Designs for customers around the globe.

Network Planner role

What you will be doing?

Produce designs in accordance with the design processes outlined by the Lead Consultant and Project Design Lead, which meet the standards of quality required by the Project QA Lead.

Key responsibilities:

  1. Reading and staying up-to-date with all necessary design processes
  2. Producing quality and efficient designs
  3. Contributing to Project Dailies / Weeklies
  4. Basic understanding of Fibre Optic Networks
  5. Access and use all applications required to perform Biarri Auto-Design work (QGIS, Sourcetree, Virtual Machines, VPNs, Confluence, etc)
  6. Proficiency in the use of internal tools to generate designs
  7. Contribute to team culture, well-being, and making the workplace a better place for all members
Who should join?

No experience is required as long as you are:

  • A graduate of Mathematics OR Electronics and Communication Engineering program (Other programs considered: Geodetic Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Information System, Computer Science, Non-Maths program with maths/logic course)
  • A creative problem solver using technical/mathematical methods
  • Exceptional communication skills to engage with internal and external stakeholders
  • Demonstrated willingness to learn and develop new skills and industry knowledge
  • A tech-savvy
  • Self-awareness and empathy to maximize your user and team interactions
*Bonus point if you also have:
  • Experience with geospatial software: QGIS, Mapinfo, etc
  • Programming language: Python
  • Messaging and collaboration: Slack, Google Chat
  • Atlassian Products: Confluence, Bitbucket, JIRA, etc
  • Google Workspace: Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, etc
  • Microsoft Office: Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc

Your Opportunities

💡Individual learning and professional development

  • Explore your unique potential in a range of challenging possibilities.
  • Get mentored by global Math/Fiber Optic Network professionals.

⏰ Annual Review & Promotion

  • An official Performance Review once a year, offers you an opportunity to reflect on your growth.
  • Feedback, coaching & recognition provide you with motivation to perform better performance.
  • Access more advanced training, clarify expectations from you and Managers, and discuss specific goals.

👩🏻‍💻 One-on-one coaching program

Receive a dedicated leadership coach from Sharesource team to help support your journey.


💼 Hybrid working environment

In the first three months of training, you will be required to be shown at the office for better guidance from the Team Leaders. After a training period, we will apply a Hybrid work setup - which means you only need to come to the office from 6 to 10 days per month!

🇵🇭 Makati Office
🇻🇳 Ho Chi Minh Office

Meet our team

Philippine hub 🇵🇭

  • 14 Batch
  • 56 members

Vietnam hub 🇻🇳

  • 4 Batch
  • 13 members

Our life

Besides training and working, we also engage our team members by organising social events and fun activities. That's the spirit of our young dynamic team!

Philippine Teambuilding 2022

📍Twin Palm Villa

Vietnam Teambuilding 2022

📍Saint Simeon Resort

Global Recruitment Day

📍Meet & Greet with Sharesource & Biarri Networks team, Group Activities, Presentation

Happy Hour / Pizza Day Plus

👉 One engaging activity on Fridays to gather all the members, shout out special milestones, enjoy good meals, and have some fun!

Cultural Meetup!

👉 Get an occasional opportunity to travel and meet the team from Australia, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

Member's experience: How I become a Consultant

From a Network Planner to a Consultant in just 4 years! Meet Camille, from Batch 1 of our Graduate Program, as she walks us through her very meaningful and challenging work in an Australian telco engineering company.

Who you will work with?

Biarri Networks - a company with a mission that is simple but not easy: close the digital divide. The past few years have proven how essential broadband access is to work, education, health, and human connection.

Yet too many people have been left behind due to cost and overlooked because of bad data and bad actors. We’re here to revolutionize all that. Better, smarter, more innovative, and cost-effective ways of connecting the world are possible. We’ve proven it already and we’re working on more solutions.

Five core values power everything they do:

  1. Honor. We’re honest with each other and our clients. We do the right thing. Always.
  2. Power of mathematics. Math is magic. Of course, it’s real too, which is why we unlock it, leverage it and bring it to the forefront. In short, we democratize it.
  3. Positive impact. We aim to leave each other, our clients, our community and our planet better after every interaction.
  4. Freedom to innovate. Nobody has a monopoly on good ideas. Nobody. Innovation is our secret sauce.
  5. Purpose and intent. We get the job done. We act with a sense of urgency and efficiency.

Join now and begin your
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