With a background in finance and accounting, Brendon Boyce then founded Recruitglobal, helping to resolve the issue of skills shortages in Australia during the mining boom. Recruiting and managing the immigration of professionals from all over the world, Brendon began to see the value of connecting talented people with the work they were meant to do.

ShareSource was established in 2013, and shortly after, there came a turning point that would change the future direction of the business. Chatting with a newly employed Data Entry Administrator, Brendon discovered that this new team member was in fact a highly educated maths graduate. With the knowledge that much more challenging work awaited super-smart STEM grads such as this candidate, Brendon began rethinking the traditional outsourcing model...

“I'm a social entrepreneur. I believe in connecting talented people with meaningful work. Our goal is to connect smart STEM professionals in developing countries with organisations that are doing cool work”.

We want companies to be able to successfully grow their business by accessing the talent they need to fuel that growth, wherever they may be in the world. There are countless gifted and motivated individuals all around the world who are eager to take on innovative projects but don’t have the opportunities for their intellect to shine. Knowing what we know about the current disconnect between visionaries and problem solvers, we couldn’t standby and see human potential wasted.

And our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) is to get 400 of the world’s best maths and data science people, and a few creative types working together to solve global problems. Watch this space!

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