We build your global remote teams

Leverage our expertise to find, support, and grow the highly-skilled talent that meets your business's unique needs.

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Grow and solve your growing pains

As your partner, we are here to solve your growing pains so you can focus on growing your business.

Understanding your business needs


Achieving our best starts with understanding your immediate, medium and long-term business goals, social needs and challenges to provide a solution that is purpose-built for you.

Applying our proven process

We work closely with you to build the best remote team to match your needs, values and culture. Our work doesn’t stop once the team is on board. We support, train, coach, and mentor, and in doing so empower them to achieve their best for you.


3.  How to get started with us

Let’s have a chat. We want to understand what you do, your unique challenges and opportunities, and your values and vision. We will share what’s important to us, and our approach to making our business work for your business.

We hire the right people for your team

We work closely with you to build your global remote team to match your business needs, values and culture.

Our culture empowers your top talent

Our workplace is where members can thrive, develop their skills, and achieve growth.

We help you operate seamlessly

We handle all the intricacies of building teams, empowering your remote teams with the necessary resources for success.

Global remote teams and our others services | Sharesource Global

Solutions tailored
to your needs


We take care of everything for your remote talent.


We source, screen and schedule candidate interviews for you.


We identify top local profiles for you to reach out to.

Resume Screening and Scheduling

We cover the hard yards so you don't have to.

Build global remote teams and fast-track your growth | Sharesource Global

Let us help you fast-track
your business growth

Grow without growing pains and unleash your business's potential with global remote teams.

Build global remote teams and fast-track your growth | Sharesource Global


The awesome partners we have helped

“We don't have to really think about managing the team. For us, we don't consider them a remote team. It's not different to all the other members of our company. And a lot of the overhead that goes with managing remote teams and the heroes of those things are taken care of by Sharesource. That's wonderful.”

Kasun Gunathilaka

“Sharesource team has everything you need to ensure you've got quality members. They've got training processes in place to make sure their team is continuously engaged and learning. In addition, they've got quality processes to make sure that the people they recommend to your business actually can do what they say they can do.”

Helen Souris
CEO, Cardihab

“In Australia at the moment, there's a massive skill shortage so it's really hard to find people. When looking across Vietnam and the Philippines, you are looking at 200 million people and amongst those are some really high-end people. Sharesource extends our ability to get top-end people to come and work with us.”

Mike Cunningham
CEO, TechConnect

Building your global remote team

We start by learning about you, your needs and your challenges, and apply our proven process.

Step 1 Discovery call
Step 2 Onboarding and solution development
Step 3 Talent sourcing and recruitment
Step 4 Integration and Induction
Step 5 Continuous coaching and development

Discovery call

We grasp your vision, values, challenges, and opportunities, tailoring solutions to meet your immediate, medium, and long-term needs.

Sharesource Global process - discovery call

Onboarding and solution development

We finalise the role requirements, set expectations, and craft job descriptions that reflect your needs.

Sharesource Global process - Onboarding and solution development

Talent sourcing and recruitment

We kick off the sourcing and screening process, providing timely updates. We evaluate candidates based on their technical abilities, values and culture fit, behaviour profiling, and reference checks.

Sharesource Global process - Talent sourcing and recruitment

Integration and Induction

Our HR team ensures smooth onboarding and ongoing support of your member, while our IT team handles hardware, software, and data security to enable productivity.

Sharesource Global process - Integration and Induction

Continuous coaching and development

A dedicated Sharesource People Manager empowers your remote team member's full contribution while our Client Success Manager works closely with you to achieve your business growth objectives.

Sharesource Global process - Continuous coaching and development
1. What is your process in finding and keeping the team member?

We equalise opportunities for tech professionals and STEM graduates in developing countries by working with our tech-led businesses to provide work that is likely unavailable to their countries. When they get trained in the latest technologies and practices, they would be able to pay forward to their communities by sharing skills and training the next generation.

2. How long does the hiring process take?
Our hiring process can take up to 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the type of role and market supply and demand. To learn more about our proven process, read our success story with Right At Home Australia.
3. How does the pricing work?

We have a one-off engagement fee to kickstart the process. The monthly rates depend on individual salary negotiations and as such, costs are to be signed off by you on a case-by-case basis. Monthly fees are subject to change due to economic and exchange rate variances as well as salary increases as required from time to time for the individuals. 

4. What sets Sharesource apart from other service providers?

We have a global footprint and the best recruiters. On top of that, we build a culture for the teams in VN and PH. With our Coaching Program, we bridge knowledge gaps with trust and facilitate active participation so members can achieve results in their areas of skill while our partners focus on business growth. We have on-the-ground support that can provide everything the member needs to be efficient, productive, and successful.

5. How do you create social impact in engaging with Sharesource?

We equalise opportunities for tech professionals and STEM graduates in developing countries by working with our tech and climate businesses to provide work, upskilling and learning experiences that are likely unavailable to their countries. When they get trained and exposed to the latest technologies and practices, they would be able to pay forward to their communities by sharing skills and knowledge and training the next generation. Read more about our Impact.

Build your remote team
with the right partner

Finding a service provider as your partner is as important as hiring top talent. Discover what makes us the right business for your needs.