Covid Tales Of Triumph (part 4): Ken

Clare Anderson
08th March 2021

I’m Ken and I want to tell you how much I love the clear career direction we are all given from the get-go - and how highly I rate the stimulating and meaningful work we get to do every day. As early as our first three to six months, we’re given career path choices. Options like QA, Design Leadership, Project Coordination (bridging the gap between the team and clients), Consulting (liaising directly with clients) and other Leadership roles are all avenues we’re blessed to be able to consider.

As if this weren’t enough, tools, training and mentorship from more experienced team mates are also given to ensure our constant growth. We’re all on the same team - figuratively as much as literally! I’m loving getting to know my Australian colleagues and learning about their culture. I wonder what they get up to outside the office? What do they eat? What do they drink? Do they party a lot?! I joined in June 2020 and I feel like my interpersonal and communication skills, as well as confidence are constantly evolving. I’m so grateful for the certainty this career path has given me during a time of unprecedented uncertainty - and I’m thankful that it helps me to help my family at a time when countless people around the world are struggling financially.

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