Covid Tales Of Triumph (part 6): Jemimah

Clare Anderson
08th March 2021

Hello - my name’s Jemimah and I’m used to 'being one of the boys’. Whilst I’m the only woman on my team, gender is really not an issue and I was genuinely surprised and impressed during the onboarding process at the diversity of my colleagues. The gender split is almost even and people from different socio-economic backgrounds, religions and sexual orientations are all welcomed and treated equally. It’s a great part of what makes our business so colourful! 

I also love how everyone is given a sense of responsibility and accountability. I joined in June 2020 and the training I have received has been incredibly supportive. My Australian colleagues appreciate the work we do so much and our interaction is always positive and uplifting. Our wholly online environment is such fun - I love my work!

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