Covid Tales Of Triumph (part 2): Jake

Clare Anderson
08th March 2021

So my name’s Jake and my life took a significant turn for the better in October 2020 when I was recruited and onboarded (entirely online) as a Network Engineer for an international telecoms engineering company. I’m excited by the endless opportunities I am given to learn. They motivate me to strive harder and evaluate my growth every day. I delight in spending time with my teammates and share laughter with them every day. I also love the informal and fun nature of my Australian colleagues! There’s no workplace hierarchy and it’s a first-name basis with everyone - an interesting contrast to the more formal Filipino culture I have been used to. 

Can you believe that a ‘culture fit’ interview was part of the recruitment process? I wasn’t alone in being surprised and excited by this - it’s certainly not a usual part of any recruitment process. I bet you’re wondering what happens in a ‘culture fit’ interview, right? Well, both the fibre optic network design company and their outsourcing partner who manages us strongly believe that personality type and the ability to fit into the existing team dynamics are just as important as technical skills. Basically it was a series of personal questions to assess how well we would fit into the transparent, fun and caring culture I’m so lucky to now be a part of. It’s been explained that our wellbeing, motivation and engagement are all super important - for us - and for the company - as it ensures the value we bring to the business is amplified and returned many times over. We’re always motivated and encouraged - we always know when we’re doing a good job. I’d describe my workplace culture as one where everything is a victory.

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