Covid Tales Of Triumph (part 3): Robert

Clare Anderson
08th March 2021

Hey - I’m Robert and I wanted to briefly share how my path has followed my Dad’s - but also not really followed my Dad’s! I joined this awesome international telecoms team in October 2020 as a Network Planner - just as my Dad was when he started out on his ECE career in the field of telecoms around twenty years ago. The big difference though, is that all those years ago my Dad had to leave the Philippines with his young family in search of better career opportunities. He lived abroad (in the Middle East mostly) for decades and has only recently been able to return home. I love the fact that I don’t have to relocate to pursue my chosen career - being part of such awesomeness right here at home is something I’m incredibly grateful for. Everyone I work with is approachable and eager to help - I feel genuinely cared about.

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