Celebrating A Decade of Growth As A Remote Talent

Ivy, Assistant Team Manager

It is incredible to look back on my nearly 9 and a half years with Sharesource and the person I am now to what I was like way back then. It’s been quite an amazing adventure which I loved back then and still love today.

I started in January 2014 as one of the first Sharesource employees, and the first person working for our longest client partners ABC Information Services (ABCis), a leading Australian business making independent retailers more profitable.

Sharesource, ABCis and I really have grown together. I went from being the only team member to becoming a team leader by 2014, and by 2019 my team grew to 29. Today my team has grown with me to be 50.

One of the highlights for me was getting the opportunity to travel to Australia in May 2015 sponsored by Sharesource and ABCis. It was my first time outside the Philippines so you can imagine I was very excited. I got to meet fellow team members from Sharesource and ABCis and a first-hand look at the contribution our work in the Philippines was having for retail stores in Australia. ABCis provide technical and data support to retailers and for me going into some retail stores, speaking to the store managers about how they benefit from the systems and processes that ABCis provide was a highlight. It made a big difference for me to better understand the contribution that we were making and made the work that we do more real. 

When I think of my time at Sharesource, I can truly say that it has given me a sense of purpose and of belonging, and I am proud of the role that I have played in contributing to the company’s goals. It has been a very satisfying journey for me.

Group Picture

It is great too, to be a part of both companies' continued growth and of course my growth. In my current role, I am responsible to oversee anything related to the technical aspects of invoicing and systems. I feel I have a lot of knowledge and experience in this area and enjoy sharing this with the team. Right now, I have been playing a part in settling in ABCis new Vietnam team which is very exciting.

When I first started my biggest challenge was being comfortable communicating in English every day, something I was keen to improve but was hesitant at the beginning. I never thought I could work to manage a team of people with unique personalities but here I am today managing 50 team members. 

Most importantly, Sharesource has helped me to become a better person. Their value of openness and honesty is something I too value and try to live up to at work, with my family and in life generally.

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