Filipino Network Planner Scoops Global Innovation Prize

Clare Anderson
18th September 2020

A Sharesource Network Planner based in the Philippines has recently won a ‘Power to Innovate’ award over 197 other team members based across not only his home country but Australia and the US as well. His accolade highlights just how powerful tapping into the smartest talent globally can be. 

JD Mark Villanueva, who graduated from the Technological Institute of the Philippines in 2017 with a BSc in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering, designs fibreoptic roads and architecture. He works as part of an international team that breaks down the complex problems of large-scale telecom network construction. His innovation award acknowledges, amongst other things, his creation of a Python script to detect, manipulate, and clean raw data from the client. This data is then transformed into a standard format that can be used for analysis and design improvements.  JD Mark also created a standardized process for the design of both high and low-level fibreoptic roads using GIS (Geographic Information Systems) software.

Whilst his primary role is fibre optic design, JD Mark received QA training from his teammates and further took the initiative to create a faster and more efficient QA returns and fixes process. He also took it upon himself to update and create more aesthetically pleasing training documentation for new team members. Add to this regular creation of quizzes and training modules, as well as acting as a mentor and coach, for new team members, and there’s no doubting the value he adds to the business he’s a part of.

A quiet and unassuming kind of guy, JD Mark is quick to give recognition to the collaborative and experimental global team he works with. In the year he’s been with Sharesource his skills and experience have grown from strength to strength, in no small part due to how closely his colleagues work together - no matter where they’re based in the world. His thoughtful, analytical, and proactive approach was recognized immediately by Sharesource’s management and recruitment team - and also by the global telecoms network he works for.  JD Mark says he loves integrating ideas from his colleagues into useful tools such as scripts or more effective teamwork and communication strategies. He’s hungry to keep learning and growing and we know he’ll keep adding value and solving business problems. Enjoy your Nintendo Switch console JD!

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