Living the proactiveness value

06th March 2020

As we all know, one of Sharesource’s core values is proactiveness and we’re all encouraged to actively live and demonstrate this value on a regular basis. This month we highlight two of our team members that have lived up to this value in an inspirational way.


Jhem Villanueva is the Project Coordinator for a US-based telco client of a global organisation that helps design and deliver better fiber networks sooner and more cost-effectively. Jhem supports the Project Manager and liaises between the designers and consultants to ensure that designs are submitted on time, all documentation is on par with current requirements, project metrics are developed, design timelines and resources are forecast correctly and the team is not blocked by anything.


Given there were no historic project metrics or a defined deadline for a project she is coordinating, Jhem proactively created a ‘Design Time Analysis’ tool. This compares historical, estimated and current timelines in order to forecast the turnaround time for each of the design stages more efficiently.  This allows her team to give their client a realistic expectation on the timeline involved in a project as well as determine the gaps in design processes, tools, team member skills, and resources. Additionally, the Design Time Analysis tool helps develop better tool development and training.


As though this wasn’t enough, Jhem also took the initiative to further develop the little knowledge she had of WRIKE, a project management tool. Thanks to Jhem’s initiative, the client she works with has migrated from using numerous Google sheets to one efficient tool that keeps track of schedules, resources, change requests, risk management, continuous improvement tasks, and other goals.                                                       


Joseph (Jorem) Sarigumba is a network planner on the same team as Jhem and his focus is designing efficient and effective networks.  


Jorem proactively created a model in QGIS (a design software package) using algorithms to replace the repetitive tasks he was needing to do.  Hence the job is now much quicker, easier and efficient - as he says - ‘you just plug in the layers and run’. Tasks that previously took around twenty minutes now only take about five - Jorem realised that automating this repetitive process would free up his and his team members’ time to focus on more productive tasks, that really require their attention. 


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