20th January 2017

Why would they come and work for you?

If you’re looking at scaling your team in the next 24 months, you might want to consider some ideas around how to “sell“ to the best talent and get them over the line. It’s not enough to just send potential candidates a job description- that’s just the first step. BEFORE you start talking to people and getting out there you will need to be able to quickly tell someone why they would want to leave their current job to come and work for you instead.

Compared to the rest of the world, Australia is falling behind when it comes to STEM graduates. China has 46.9 % of STEM graduates each year, Singapore has 34.75%, and Australia had just 18% in 2014, while software development jobs continue to grow at 20% per year.

You’d better be right on the money with regards to your “sell” and be able to connect with these graduates in 5 seconds or less, because every other software development company is hoping to hire them as well. Compare this process to when you were asking for funding and act accordingly.

So how do you Convince Your Talent to Come Work for you?

Dan Pink’s best-selling books about management, work and business, including Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose are an excellent place to start.

So you’re going to save the world. Paint a picture for your talent about how you would do it. If they’re not engaged, they’re not the right person for the job. They have to be excited about your goal/mission/ BHAG/ moonshot. For them to be excited you have to be able to explain it well. Why should they care?

People that you want to work with you (A players) are relentless in how they’re going to improve, get better, and position themselves for the next big thing. What’s your plan for them? Often I hear software companies say things like “We have the most advanced technologies”, or “We only work with the best equipment.” But this should be a given. You need to explain how potential candidates will have better opportunities within your company and be able to prove this with your current team

You’ll let your talent control their own destiny. You’re not a control freak, are you? Most companies advertise this and can never really prove it, so how will you show candidates that you’ll give them a sense of freedom?

Here are some steps to make it happen:

  • Detail the benefits and why the talent would want to work for you.
  • Test this explanation out on your life partner/ best friend and business partners. Do they believe you?
  • Educate your current team. They should believe in what you’re saying?
  • Test, retest, and build
  • Don’t take anyone who’s not excited about what you’re doing