Why Australia is Great to get your Talent

19th January 2017

When it comes to building your team for your startup, Australia is one of the best places to do this. There are many reasons why Australian developers are being headhunted by companies around the world, and here are just a few:

Talented People
Australia is full of talented and experienced software developers, many of whom work for some of the biggest tech companies in the world. Along with a high level of home-grown talent, skilled developers from overseas are attracted to Australia due to its strong economy, beautiful cities and relative ease of getting a visa.

Facebook, Google, and Amazon all recruit talent in Australia and have offices in the country. Google Sydney was the birthplace of Google Maps, which is still a big focus for Australian engineers, while Amazon hired ex Melbourne IT CTO Glenn Core in 2012 so he could lead its technology architecture team in Australia.

Many people assume that the United States is the best place to find tech talent, but it’s actually much harder to recruit there. Sure, there may be a bigger pool to choose from, but there’s also much more competition.

Lowered Costs
Hiring your talent in Australia will also lead to savings of around 30% when compared to the United States, and you’ll still be getting extremely skilled developers- meaning lower costs for businesses trying to scale.

The average software developer also stays at an Australian company for around four years due to the country being such a great place to live- compare this to the UK where the average is just a little more than two years. This means less staff turnover, which also leads to lowered costs.

Perfectly Positioned
Australia is an already developed market, with developers and engineers who are looking for interesting and rewarding work. This can be an excellent option for startups or growing businesses, as many developers located in the United States only want to work with big names that they’ve already heard of before and companies that have already shown a huge amount of momentum.

The time zone and location of Australia mean that it’s well positioned for accessing talent in Southeast Asia and communicating with people from around the world. The country is attractive to many talented people from overseas who find it easier to get a job in Australia than in the United States- meaning that even if you’re hiring locally in Australia, you’re still likely to be choosing among talented people from around the world.

Australian developers speak English, have a similar culture to the United States and are working on some of the biggest projects of our time. If you haven’t yet considered hiring at least some of your talent in Australia, your business is sure to benefit from these motivated, talented individuals who are excited to work with companies based in the United States.