The Search for Talent: Why You Need to Offer Meaningful Work

10th October 2018

Did you know that just 13% of employees are engaged worldwide? While this statistic may be shocking, it also represents a massive opportunity for employers looking for talent- we’ve said it before, but beers on a Friday simply isn’t enough.

So what makes a smart, dedicated person choose to work with one company over another? Potential team members choose to work for (and stay at) a business that provides them with interesting, meaningful work.

According to a recent survey, the top reason people are job hunting in 2018 is that...wait for it...they’re bored. 33% of respondents said that they’re looking for a new job because they need a new challenge and they’re bored. 24% said it was a culture issue, and just 19% were moving on in search of a higher salary.

In today’s job market, where every second business seems to be looking for a data scientist, companies can expect recruiters to be headhunting qualified candidates from under their nose. That means that even if you manage to hire that perfect person, you then have to make sure you provide the right type of work and the best company culture to encourage them to stay.

So how do you ensure you’re offering the right kind of work and conditions to attract the best of the best and keep them with your company? Simple. Do these three things:

1. Offer Opportunities for Advancement and Development

Helping your employees learn and develop benefits you in a number of ways. Your team members feel fulfilled, your customers enjoy a better experience and your business benefits from their increased knowledge.

The organisations that have the best reputation as employers are the ones that offer a learning culture, where people are developed, trained, and mentored.

2. Give Respect and Autonomy

The best thing you can do for your employees is to empower them to think independently. That means trusting that you’ve hired the best people with the right skills, communicating your expectations, setting clear goals, and then letting them determine the best approach.

The more trust you give your employees, the more they’ll reward you with increased loyalty, motivation, and trust back.

3. Provide a Purpose

Employees who can’t see a link between their company’s goals and the work they’re doing will quickly become disinterested and disengaged. It’s important that you give your employees regular feedback and let them know how their work is contributing to the overall mission.

A which covered diary entries about almost 12,000 days of work found that the most enjoyable and productive days were those where employees felt like they were making progress. This progress was often found through ‘small wins.’

The high percentage of disengagement at work means that businesses are simply failing their employees. It’s not enough to offer a high salary and the occasional after-work treat if you want to attract the type of talent that will help you grow your business. Instead, you need to offer interesting, challenging work,  a sense of purpose, and autonomy.

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