Remote Sourcing And Recruitment

Going the Extra Mile to Ensure Team Growth and Partner Value

31st October 2019
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Sharesource firmly believes that regular and ongoing interaction and relationship building with all team members is essential to establishing trust and open communication. In fact, it’s a prerequisite when it comes to coaching - particularly for soft skills.

Dedicated Success Managers in Manila and Davao don’t just conduct the usual monthly one-on-ones with team members. Every day they’re building rapport, checking in to see how everyone is doing - personally as well as professionally - and fostering a friendly, open and safe work environment, where team members feel valued and encouraged to be the best they can be.

Mentoring obviously includes technical areas of improvement and working on partner feedback. Skills like building confidence in broaching difficult subjects, overcoming resistance to change, becoming a better and more sophisticated leader, making decisions on your own, understanding different personality types and problem solving are seen as equally important. Cross-cultural training also bridges any gap that may exist between team members and partners and fosters a greater level of understanding.

Ultimately every possible tool is provided to create more value for Sharesource’s partners and the team. A win-win situation - what’s not to like?