It’s the ‘Doing’ Not the ‘Saying’ Part of Being a Global Citizen That Really Counts

Clare Anderson
13th January 2022
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Phat, Senior Front End Developer 

My time in the US as a software engineer taught me much beyond just improving my technical skills. Interacting with people of all backgrounds, from many countries including Israel, India and France, opened my eyes to the colourful diversity that makes up our world. I learnt empathy, patience and effective responsiveness - particularly in difficult situations.

When I joined the team at Sharesource last year these skills were really valued and have been enhanced through a strong inter-global team culture. I feel now that I have a greater understanding of what it means to be a global citizen.

For me being a global citizen means being aware of the interconnections amongst people, cultures and society as a whole across the globe. As a global citizen, I understand that I play a small part in the bigger picture taking a proactive approach to positively impacting the communities and the world around me. Being a part of the Sharesource family has allowed me to live these values every day.

As a part of the Vietnamese team, I love collaborating with Sharesource’s other hubs around the world and the partners we work with. Learning more about other cultures and having my eyes opened to the wider world around me has given me different perspectives on not only ways of working but life as a whole.

The regular huddles, coaching, training and team-building activities we share with colleagues from the Philippines, Australia and Zimbabwe have helped me realise that we’re all playing our part in making the world a better place. Better still we are doing this by helping cool companies solve global problems and positively impacting the communities we are a part of in the developing world.

I was really honoured and super excited to be invited to share my global citizenship insights with my workmates in the new year. I’ll be giving a presentation on ‘hints and tips for working well with foreign partners’ which is so important in the global work Sharesource does. It will include effective communication and how to understand and navigate cultural differences.

It’s empowering to think that the insights I have learnt can help connect the teams we work with around the world more effectively and through a shared vision and belief we can continue the ‘doing’ that can help make the world a better place.


This position paper by Sharesource outlines some of the risks you may face, and the changes that you can make within your business that can put you on the path to becoming a true global corporate citizen. Download it now to get your free copy today.

The Risk to Business of Not Becoming a Global Corporate Citizen Is Real - Position Paper - Sharesource AU
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