Celebrating My Passion And Its Beautiful Ripple Effect

Clare Anderson
07th December 2021
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Anj, Success & People Manager

On my third anniversary of being a part of the Sharesource family, I am celebrating a three-dimensional milestone! I am blessed to be part of a truly beautiful triangle where the coaching I offer our members and the bridge that I create between them and our partners and the management team ripples out and grows everyone involved. Watching the human impact I make every day is my passion - I cannot tell you how much I love what I do! 

9014-SHARE-Instagram Templates-1200x1200px-FAMy primary purpose is coaching and mentoring our team members to help them grow into the best they can be - both professionally and personally. Every day, I aim to build and empower future leaders by creating a safe space for them to share and learn. Let me give you an example of what I am talking about. When I first started coaching one of our young Network Planners, I was lucky if I could get him to share anything with me at all. He was super shy and awkward, had difficulty expressing himself and was distinctly uncomfortable in opening up. Today I am proud to say that not only has he been promoted to a Senior Leadership role, he’s also now coaching and mentoring other people himself. Watching how he has blossomed into the open, candid, confident leader he is today warms my heart like I cannot begin to tell you. He and others in my team are living proof of my coaching success - they make everything I do worthwhile. 

I also work closely with Sharesource’s management team, ensuring they’re kept up to speed with everything that’s going on with both our members and partners. Our CEO told me just a few days ago that I am empowered, heard, and important. This sums up Sharesource’s supportive and caring culture where we live our values of making a social impact, being proactive, creating value, being fair, open and honest and adding fun, passion, and love. From the members to the partners to the management team, we’re all engaged and genuinely love what we do - is it any wonder that my job fills me with the joy it does? 

Finally, I just wanted to mention that I’m an out and proud member of the LGBTQ community - and the only Gen Xer amongst our largely Zoomer and Millenial crew! The complete acceptance of who I am from everyone that makes up our triangle fills me with appreciation - I love being a part of the diversity that's crucial to the success of a business. And I love helping people reach their full potential and shine like they were always meant to. My pride in watching the growth of everyone I interact with knows no bounds - here’s to the next three years and creating an even bigger and more beautiful ripple effect! 


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