How Disruptive Technology and Super Smart Talent Are Changing the World

Clare Anderson
28th September 2021
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Have you thought about how fundamental farming is to almost everything we do? Most of what we eat, wear and use comes from plants or animals raised on farms. All this comes with significant environmental and social costs. With the world population projected to reach 9.7 billion people by 2050, serious reforms from our industrial food production system are essential if we are to meet these demands. Sustainable agricultural practices which help nourish and restore the environment, derived from clean energy, that increase food security are more important than ever. Technology is playing a huge role in providing information that will dramatically change the way crops are grown - and change our world for the better in the process.

Imagine drones flying over fields, using high-definition cameras, hyperspectral imagery, and thermal sensors to collect vital information on crops at the plant level. And extracting this data creates high precision maps with actionable insights and sustainable, cost-effective solutions for farmers, water and NRM managers, and government agencies. Let us introduce you to our partner, AirborneLogic who do exactly this to provide ground-breaking and high-tech solutions to address challenges affecting the horticulture and viticulture industries. Using machine learning and contemporary data analytics, AirborneLogic’s team of industry experts provide their clients with unique perspectives and actionable advice on crops, vegetation, natural resources, and climate-smart urban development. AirborneLogic’s big picture ‘why’? To do things better; mitigate climate change and improve the way we produce food to help restore our precious planet and ensure we prosper as a species.

Insights they deliver not only uncover innovative agricultural and environmental solutions but help reduce costs too. In a nutshell, the tools they provide improve peoples confidence in knowing what to do, where. They address problems people know they have (like identifying low productivity across vineyards and crops) but can’t see in accurate detail, and enable them to accurately understand where the gaps and problem areas are. For example, where are plants less vigorous, and how do we get to a better consistency of uniformity across the crop? Hyperspectral cameras are used to provide an additional layer of detail on a whole range of things outside of the visual light spectrum such as nitrogen or water stress and the subtle changes between plants at individual plant level. Information from surveys is provided in simple, intuitive and interactive maps that give people a ‘helicopter view’ and enable them to make faster and better decisions.

AirborneLogic’s customers might not always immediately see the business case for adoption of technology as they’re often bombarded with many competing technologies to filter through and understand. However, the value has been tested and validated over years and their commitment to working closely alongside their customers has helped adopters realize valuable and frequently unexpected returns. They are driven to make agri-technology affordable, adaptable, and good business for all farmers through better economic, social, and environmental outcomes. 

Their technology helps anyone get to the right location (in person or remotely) reliably with ease; instantly relay in-field analysis and observations for planning and management; and create accurate, securely stored records that can be used to track what was observed and actioned on the farm and analyze how things change over time. Simply put, AirborneLogic helps growers save time and money through reduced use of fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, diesel, and time, and generate additional revenues by increasing the productivity and quality of crops. Furthermore, their ability to rapidly assess land conditions and identify and map plants and native vegetation is being used increasingly to help farmers generate additional revenues through the Australian government’s ‘Emissions Reduction Fund’ to provide diversified sources of income to farmers. 

Sharesource is proud to be assisting AirborneLogic in successfully growing their business by providing the talent they need to do this. They are enabling Precious, a highly driven, analytical GIS Analyst and part of their remote team in the Philippines, to help deliver this meaningful and challenging work. Precious’ duties include detailed GIS analytics and machine learning programming to interpret data for commercial applications. She has experience with ArcGIS packages, ENVI and hyperspectral remote sensing applied in agricultural settings. She also has the ability to help derive key plant measurements and observations related to health, disease, and vigor. Imperatively, she also has commercial experience in these fields. Sharesource is bringing together a visionary and problem-solving company doing cool work with a gifted and motivated individual who’s eager to take on innovative projects and make a difference in the world. Smart ideas meeting smart people to revolutionise farming practices and help restore ecosystems. Awesome synergy in aligned values of equalizing opportunities, empowering leaders, impacting communities and harnessing disruptive technology to change our world for the better.


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