Celebrating a Mutually Beneficial IT Partnership

Clare Anderson
07th December 2021
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We’re celebrating a partnership that has significantly enhanced the IT infrastructure and support that backs up our remote teams. Thanks to close collaboration with Smile IT, (https://www.smileit.com.au/), an innovative IT solutions provider who focus on digital transformation, cloud solutions, cybersecurity, business telecoms and software development, our IT system is more stable, reliable and secure than it’s ever been. 

Smile IT partnershipTo ensure our teams’ work schedules are at minimal risk of interruption, we’ve recently worked with Smile IT to install ‘ConnectWise Automate’ on all workstations. This has enabled our IT team to schedule system upgrades and software downloads out of business hours, ensuring work schedules are not delayed. 

The rollout of ‘ConnectWise Control’ has also enabled us to proactively identify and fix IT problems before they become critical. This software indicates when a machine is online or offline and alerts our IT team if there is a sudden shutdown. This means they can step in sort out issues super-quickly. ‘ConnectWise Control’ also means IT support can be accessed quickly and whenever needed by allowing our IT team to connect remotely to workstations. This is only done with the consent of our team members - login details and screenshot functionality are not part of the deal so data privacy is protected.



In our ongoing endeavours to improve our IT support, we’ve also recently launched a user-friendly IT ticketing system called ‘ConnectWise Manage’. This simply requires team members to send an email when they have a problem requiring attention. IT issues are prioritized and attended to quickly and efficiently. 

In return we are providing Smile IT with the Full Stack Developer talent they need to address the problems they’re seeking to solve. We thank them for their trust in us and for helping to unleash human potential by recognising that the talent they are looking for can come from anywhere. It’s great to be working with a business whose values align with ours.


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