Two key ways to build your culture

30th January 2020

No one needs to be reminded of the value of a proactive stance in business - which means adopting a strategic approach to decision making. Reactive behaviour results in lost business and having to work even harder to get new business or rebuild broken relationships with customers. 


It’s important to remember that as much as proactiveness needs to be actively encouraged in individual team members, fostering a proactive culture needs to take front and centre stage as well.  But how exactly do you go about engendering such an environment?


At Sharesource, one of our key values is proactiveness - so it’s an important part of how we operate. It’s front of mind in all of our team members - we’re constantly talking to each other about being proactive - and what that actually means. And here’s two methods that have really helped us. 


First off, when we're recruiting and looking to take new team members on board, we ask all applicants to describe the last proactive thing they did in their workplace. If there’s no response, the recruiting process is taken no further. 


Secondly, we hold monthly one on one coaching sessions with all our team members - and one of the questions that is asked is what they have done that is proactive? This encourages creativity - the ability to come up with new ideas and solutions - and helps to build a proactive culture.  It also makes them accountable and makes sure they have something to say at the next meeting. It’s an ongoing process to get individuals to have the bravery to make it happen and take control of their own work goals.  


We’d be interested to know what tools or methods you use to grow proactiveness in your business?


If you're thinking about taking on proactive and super-smart STEM talent, download the ''The 30 Essential Questions to Ask a Provider Before You Outsource' resource. It will ensure you have the right questions to ask when considering the next step, including the values of both the talent and the outsourcing provider.