Three ways AI is impacting company culture

13th February 2020

85% of global CEOs believe that AI will significantly change the way they do business in the next five years; 63% say it will change their business more than the internet has. But what is the impact of AI on company culture? Does it help build your culture? And if so… how?

Firstly, AI is fostering an environment of creativity and innovation. Employees are going to experience a paradigm shift in the way they work when routine, dull and repetitive tasks are intelligently automated. This new-found freedom will lead to a focus on strategic and creative problem-solving and initiatives. Business value will be measured through creative applications.

Secondly, AI lets companies consistently experiment with new ideas. This is a game-changer for company culture. AI will reduce time and cost considerations, mitigate risks and allow employees to try out new ideas without anxiety. AI can now make experimental programs less costly and complex by removing the human middle layer and the immense effort required to fix failures. Companies fostering experimentation stand out in a highly competitive marketplace. 

Thirdly, AI pushes company culture beyond the barriers of a conventional workforce.  The workplace - and therefore company culture - will be dramatically transformed by the likes of bots, automated tasks, and freelance and remote workers managed by AI. Workplaces globally will have a refreshed mix of skills as employees move into experimental terrain and diverse ideas across locations transform how everyday assignments and issues are addressed.  Needless to say, company culture will also evolve, becoming more dynamic, inclusive and technology-empowered.

In summary, AI’s potential to make our lives better, jobs easier and push human efforts and enterprise direction towards the next epoch is limitless.  It is crucial that businesses keep up with this revolutionary technology and allow their company culture to be challenged, changed and ultimately improved for the better.