Offshoring Tips – “Test, Test, Test”

20th June 2014

[feedburner name="name"]Renovator Store ( is what I would call a smart business! It not only provides customers with substantial savings, it also saves them time. (All that driving around to buy parts can be a real pain).I spoke with Renovator Store Founder and MD, Scott Pendlebury, about his experiences with offshoring and what tips he would give business owners considering this option.

In line with its best practise, Renovator Store has offshored its customer service and some of its administration. Scott comments on how offshoring has allowed his business to grow faster thereby enabling him to leverage his capital further and concentrate on building the business.

Here’s some of the advice (offshoring tips) he provides about the offshoring transition process:

  1. Spend time on recruitment and “test test test”
  2. Take the time to learn how to manage the people and processes
  3. Any job that is web related or customer service centric can be offshored
  4. You can expect your offshore employees to be creative and think for themselves ( just make sure you recruit the right ones)
  5. Where possible, use cloud based technology as this obviously makes things easier
  6. Use a partner as you scale up the business

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