What Every Professional Person Needs to Know and 4 Actions to Take!

10th July 2014

Let’s face it, the world is changing all the time.


We think one of the ways it’s changing is how we can get a person to do just about anything, anywhere in the world.

Well, anything that’s done in front of a computer or on a phone.
The web has make this possible and things like Skype and email and other applications have allowed us to tap into this modern labour market.

So what does that mean?

Let’s do an exercise:

Break down your job into high value work and low value work.

Come on, get a sheet of paper and start.
- High value work, fine, carry on doing that.
- Low value work, you have to give that to someone else in the world to do.

Why? Because your clients won't pay for it. Why should they? It keeps you from adding real value.

Some examples:-

Take an engineer. No offence to engineers but the tell me they like to control things and "their" work. They also like detail and drafting the design. The high end design work is valuable to the client. Anyone can do low end line drawing - and at a cheaper rate than the engineer.

Have you heard about the employed programmer in the US that outsourced all his work. He had someone in China doing his work for him. His manager fired him when he found out. I would have promoted him on the spot. Smart bloke!

So some action to take this year might be:-

1. Analyse your work and split it into low and high value work.

2. Work out how to give the low value work to someone else.

3. Find the "someone" else and learn to manage the process and them.

4. Charge your customers less or make more money.

If you don't do this, you’ll find that lowly but surely, your customers will move. You’ll be too expensive and probably not as good as the next guy working on the high value stuff all the time (practice makes perfect.)

After all, why would they pay you top dollar for work that is low value?

Think about it.

Interested in your ideas


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