Honour, Purpose And Intent: Three Key Values Our Team Scooped International Recognition For!

Clare Anderson
17th February 2021

We’re super proud to announce that two of our team members have won the quarterly Values Award for ‘Honour’ and  ‘Purpose and Intent’ over their internationally-based colleagues!

Akimi Trajano, who works for an international telecoms tech company, scooped the prize for embodying the ‘Honour’ value by always displaying a positive attitude to her work, no matter how demanding her QA role in various projects is. She consistently delivers high-quality work, no matter how challenging her tasks may be. She is always willing to help, never has a bad thing to say about anyone and strives to impart a positive attitude about everything amongst her colleagues. Her teammates feel she is a really easy person to work with and that she fosters a spirit of open communication, especially when brainstorming. She approaches all she does with efficiency and enthusiasm and is described as ‘an excellent and flexible mentor.’ Awesome work Akimi!

Benson Arcenas, who’s part of the same team as Akimi, won the prize for living the ‘Purpose’ and ‘Intent’ values. He juggles the responsibilities of his own work and training newbies effectively and efficiently. Not only does he provide great and consistent support to all the team but he is a dedicated Project Coordinator. He simultaneously leads and manages the new trainees very well and focuses on delivering quality and timely results to customers. Benson’s teammates describe him as approachable, always providing excellent guidance and checking in to see how people are doing personally too. Fantastic work Benson!

Warmest congratulations Akimi and Benson on these very well deserved accolades!



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