Sharesource Recruiter recognised as youngest person to receive Scout Leadership accolade

16th October 2019

Kaye Musngi, Sharesource’s Senior Recruitment Officer, has recently been recognised as the youngest person of the one hundred people on the Manila Council to receive the Wood Badge - a global Scouting leadership award.

Wood Badge courses aim to make Scouters better leaders by teaching advanced leadership skills, and by creating a bond and commitment to the Scout movement. The main goals of the course include recognizing the contemporary leadership concepts utilized in the corporate world that are relevant to Scouting's values and applying the skills learned from participating as a member of a successful working team.

Scouting has been a passion of Kaye’s for the last ten years and she has always held on to the dream of achieving a Wood Badge in the Scouting World. She reached this goal at only 23 and is now qualified to train Scout Leaders in leadership skills, running groups, team building and many practical outdoor and survival skills. This expertise stands her in good stead in her day to day role recruiting super smart and competent staff for Sharesource - broadening her already well-honed people skills even further.

Sharesource warmly congratulates Kaye on this significant achievement - we’re very proud of her!