How a super-smart maths grad is using valuable soft skills to get places - fast

28th October 2019

Ron Hernandez graduated from the First Asia Institute of Technology & Humanities with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics in 2017.  He started his career as a Network Planner for a company that leverages powerful mathematics to provide optimisation technologies and solve business problems with significant cost savings. Despite this being his first job, and within the shortest of time frames, Ron has recently won his employer's ‘Honor’ Value Award which recognises not only his dedication and hard work but his excellent communication and collaboration with his team members, helping to motivate them and achieve their goals every quarter.

As though this weren’t enough kudos, Ron was also awarded the ‘Vin Diesel Award’ for being the most popular and appreciated member of his team.  Both awards were presented at his company’s annual Hackathon - a team-building and problem-solving event that Ron helped to organise.

Sharesource warmly congratulates Ron on these significant achievements - and is proud to have him as a valuable member of our team!