How Do Maths Grads Add Value to Your Business?

Clare Anderson
10th July 2020

Mathematics is the study of quantity, structure, space and change. As abstract as that may seem, maths is, at its core, a quest for absolutes, definitive solutions and answers. Mathematics is more of a way of thinking or a set of tools than a specific learned skill. You may think of long numeric chains, seas of fractions or spreadsheets stacked with figures, but what many don't realize is that maths’ complex equations are in fact roads to simplicity. Maths grads believe in better, faster, smarter solutions.


Thanks to the growing importance placed on technology, big data, and economic efficiency by all kinds of businesses, across all industries, expert number crunchers, aka maths grads, are increasingly in demand. In fact, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, between 2018 and 2028, the job market for mathematicians is expected to grow by a whopping 30 percent, much faster than the average for all occupations. Maths grads are needed in specialized fields such as engineering, law, and medicine however many maths careers are based within business or science or technology-related sectors. Maths graduates occupy roles such as accountant, actuary, statistician, data scientist or analyst, technician, economist, or market researcher, to name a few.


But why exactly are maths grads so highly sought after? And how do they add value to your business? They bring strong, highly-transferable, analytical, critical thinking and problem-solving skills to the table - and are often very good at helping to solve real-world physical problems. Maths grads are trained in resolving truths and uncovering errors. Their work in validating reports, studies and research with quantifiable facts provides credible proof of business facts. Their value lies in their ability to apply mathematical concepts to solve any problem they put their mind to. Mathematicians have strongly developed logical and decomposition skills; they’re very organized and they can easily attack big-picture problems.


Organizations in all industries increasingly rely on data to make critical business decisions—which new products to develop, new markets to enter, new investments to make, and new (or existing) customers to target. They also use data to identify inefficiencies and other business problems that need to be addressed. Maths grads often end up as data analysts - and their job is to assign a numerical value to important business functions so performance can be assessed and compared over time. Importantly, the job does not just involve looking at numbers: a data analyst also needs to know how to use data to enable a business to make more informed decisions. highlights four key reasons why STEM graduates (all of whom need to have an advanced grasp of maths) are highly beneficial to your business:-

  • You need to think about staffing your business not only for today’s needs but for three, five, even ten years down the road. This means you need to stay ahead of the curve in technology, customer experience analytics, logistics and data. STEM and maths grads will help you navigate your company’s future and meet new challenges. 
  • STEM and maths grads will be able to take on the quantitative modeling and problem-solving mindset needed to analyze business issues and develop solutions that enhance revenue and increase customer satisfaction.
  • STEM and maths grads tend to have a can-do leadership style. They know the importance of supporting opinions with data and are self-assured and credible enough to be able to minimize confrontations and suceed as more collaborative leaders. This makes for an invaluable employee.
  • STEM and maths degree interest is growing exponentially from year to year - meaning there is a deep pool of candidates to choose from. Recruiting this talent into your business can help boost diversity - not only of age, gender and race, but of thought and personality as they’ve been encouraged to explore all options and even to fail. This encouragement to fail and try again can be exceedingly valuable in business because the most creative solutions are often sparked by learning from past failures.

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