Balancing Risk and Growth: How ABCis Successfully Expanded While Minimising Risk


ABC Information Services (ABCis) is an Australian retail solution provider focused on providing data, business process outsourcing, and technology adoption to the retail industry. 


In 2020 ABCis, Sharesource’s client partner since 2014, had a fully functioning well-established remote team of data entry specialists working in Davao, Philippines but wanted to reduce their reliance on one location due to potential risks such as weather and local economic downturn.


ABCis and Sharesource worked together to come up with a solution, and in 2020 Sharesource opened an office in Vietnam to build a remote team for ABCis with an equally commendable skill set and culture. 

ABCis had total faith that Sharesource could recruit and onboard the Vietnam team based on previous experience and many years of success with the Philippines team.

The Philippines team helped the Vietnamese team to become fully functioning while continuing to grow in line with new challenges.

ABCis Team in Vietnam, Sharesource Global
ABCis Team in Vietnam, Sharesource Global


ABCis remains one of the long-standing partners of Sharesource, having grown together with us. At the time of writing, they have 59 team members in the Philippines and Vietnam extending from invoice specialists to software developers, and QA, to team leaders and managers.

Our cultural diversity has meant that we work differently, smarter and with a greater understanding of how others think. ABCis Australian team members who work regularly with team members in Vietnam and the Philippines are benefiting greatly from these relationships. 

As ABCis grows, Sharesource is there for them. Most recently they’ve extended their business in America, and have acquired new clients in the US. To meet this new demand Sharesource has set up a team in the Philippines who are able to work in the US time zone.


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