Senior Back End Developer

📍 Davao/Makati Philippines | Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


  • You enjoy being creative in conceiving solutions to problems that leverage current best practices and frameworks
  • You are comfortable working in an environment where requirements are not always clearly defined but that affords autonomy in coming up with solutions whilst having the support of more experienced colleagues
  • You strive for technical excellence and push innovation by contributing to guidelines and standards to be used across the team
  • Be comfortable presenting your solutions to internal groups and external interests
  • Collaborate with product managers and other software developers in a supportive and pragmatic manner


  • You have at least 2 years of software development experience
  • You are proficient in Python development
  • You put emphasis on writing well structured (extensible), testable, efficient and documented code
  • You are proficient with Github, Bitbucket (or equivalent platforms), code review and CI/CD processes
  • You are proficient in communication skills to engage with internal and external partners, as well as self-awareness and empathy to improve your team interactions
  • You have demonstrated a willingness to learn and develop new skills and industry knowledge


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