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The Love Triangle Between Culture, Employee Motivation and Productivity

Lois Shuttleworth
21st June 2022
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The right culture is gold when it comes to ensuring that your business is at its most productive.

No longer will an employee sit idly by waiting for the ‘gold watch’, disengaged with the company's values and future direction. Instead, a company that has a culture that listens to and responds to its employees' needs will have motivated employees who in return will work harder to be productive. A most rewarding ‘love’ triangle for everyone concerned.

Business Culture Redefined

When we talk about a company culture what is it that we really mean? Culture is a mix of a business’s goals, practices, policies, and values and could be described as its personality.

However today, more than ever, business culture is also based on employees’ attitudes and expectations and the organisational direction.

This includes the work model and work-life balance; connection with the team; and level of employee support and wellbeing provided. Important also, is a shared organisational belief and ownership of social and environmental issues.

“While culture is an intangible thing, it is strongly felt in the way team members interact with one another and find a sense of fulfilment, knowing that they make an integral contribution to the team.”
Angela Tismo, People Manager, Philippines

When there is a mutual understanding between employer and employees, team members are more likely to take greater responsibility for the tasks they perform which in turn leads to greater productivity. The love triangle continues with the outcome of greater employee motivation and productivity being improved employee retention and engagement.

Some Key Musts of Good Business Culture

  • You provide strong leadership based on business values and goals; team and employee’s roles in achieving these goals are clear.

  • You have open communication that encourages feedback and values employee input.

  • You foster employee satisfaction and wellbeing and acknowledge team and individual achievements.

To achieve and maintain a strong culture, you must invest in speaking with your employees to understand their needs and wants and to use your policies and procedures to improve the work environment.

"Business culture can inspire employees to be more productive and positive at work especially if it matches the member's motivation. If their goal in life does not match the organization's vision that is displayed in the culture, you will still lose them."
Marianne Valle, People Manager, Philippines

Sharesource, in its role of building remote tech teams for disruptive businesses, is proactively engaged with ensuring each remote team feels connected to the business's culture. This is achieved through ongoing coaching, mentoring and well-being support that seeks to grow partners’ team members both professionally and personally.

We recognise that a productive business is an outcome of the sum of its employees. That is, what defines a business's success is collaboration. When teams feel that communication and collaboration are encouraged, they will be more supportive of each other and motivated to achieve common goals. They will also motivate each other to develop their skills, share ideas, and build strategies. Another win-win for the business, the team and the individual.

Here is what some of our team members tell us.

"What I like the most when working at Sharesource is the culture. I feel very proud when working along with people who are very passionate and into making a profound social impact on the community."
Ivan Barredo, Recruitment Engagement Manager, Philippines

"Sharesource is a company that isn't afraid to take a chance on people whom they see potential, even if they have no previous experience in a job. Sharesource never hesitated to open opportunities for me to learn, grow, and, later on, prove my capabilities as a professional in the industry!"
Camillie Leong, Consultant, Philippines



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Returning to the office comes with social and emotional concerns for employees. Your Reboarding strategy plays a critical role in ensuring that your employees' return to work is a positive outcome for them and your business.

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