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Myth Busting: English Skills Are Not Equal to Local Talent

Clare Anderson
06th October 2021
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Do you find yourself struggling to find good local talent? You think maybe I could go offshore, only to feel worried that employing talent from another country means employing someone whose English is below what you require for the position? We totally understand this concern, and why it can be a stumbling block for employing talent outside your comfort zone. However, the good news is the people we build remote teams with at Sharesource are our myth busters, as all of them are proficient in speaking and writing English.

Three ways we bust this myth:

1. In the countries where we source the best talent, English is widely spoken in homes, and is often the language of instruction for children in schools, right from kindergarten through to tertiary education.

2. Excellent communication skills (both verbal and written) are seen as a core competency. The best graduates from tier-one universities understand the importance of excellent communication skills in businesses, and likewise find these skills imperative to the success in their chosen career.

3. At Sharesource we expect English language proficiency as a basic level of communication and rigorously test this in the interview process. Those that don’t meet our standards, don’t get past first base, don’t work with us, nor for our partners.

But don’t take our word for this as nothing speaks louder than first-hand experience of someone who has recently gone through the interview process with us to employ a remote team member.

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The talent you are looking for can really come from anywhere however you must also be confident that the business who is helping to build your remote team is ensuring the talent they source is proficient in every area you are seeking, including in English.


Nardene Cunningham Business Development Manager


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