How Top Companies Are Using Data Scientists to Scale

12th May 2020

Data scientists help businesses to use concrete information to drive areas like customer service, operations, advertising, and marketing. Big data analytics gives these businesses the evidence they need to make smart, informed decisions which increase ROI.

Some of the largest and fastest growing companies like Netflix and Uber have prioritised data science. Uber uses the technology to analyse where passengers want to go and increases staff accordingly. Netflix tracks and analyses subscribers’ behaviour to understand what they want to see. This has allowed the company to produce incredibly popular shows based on these insights, while also recommending the most relevant content based on user ratings and viewing history.

Even companies that don’t have a strict focus on data science are looking to hire data scientists as data becomes linked with every area of their business. Some of the top companies currently hiring data scientists include:


This outsourcing, technology services, and management consulting company is an industry leader and is currently seeking AI software engineers, data engineers, data analysts, and data scientists.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

As one of the world’s largest financial firms, Bank of America Merrill Lynch provides services in research, risk management, trading, mergers and acquisitions, and more. The company’s investment banking division is looking for data scientists in Atlanta and Charlotte.


This multinational tech company has a number of roles for data scientists in offices in Massachusetts, Texas, Arizona, Oregon, and California.

Bristol-Myers Squibb

BMS is a global biopharmaceutical company employing more than 27,000 people around the world. The company is looking for a data analytics scientist to work at its biologics manufacturing facility in Massachusetts.


Dropbox is a household name, and protecting its customers’ personal data is a huge part of its ethos. The company is currently hiring for a number of positions in data science and analytics.

It’s easy to see why so many companies are looking for data scientists. Decisions that are driven by data are simply more profitable. A study by HBR in 2012 found that companies in the top 33% of their industries using decision making driven by data were 6% more profitable and 5% more productive than their competitors. Six years on, and it’s evident that data science is changing how companies in every industry do business.

In Australia, data scientists will be earning approximately $20,000 more by 2022 than they currently do today. This will give them an average income of $130,176. Many business owners don’t yet have the resources to pay for a data scientist, yet they risk losing market share if their competitors leverage data science technology before them.

Here are some ways you can use data science to scale your business:

Get Organised

It’s likely that your business has stockpiled years of data. If you’re hoping to leverage this data, now’s the time to get it ready.

Start Tracking

While you may not yet be ready to hire a data scientist, this may be your goal for the future. In this case, it’s time to start tracking everything. Any data that you can collect will be able to give you valuable insights- either now or in the future.

Think Outside the Box

Many businesses are turning to data science teams based overseas. Not only is this more economically viable, but many countries don’t have the same data science skills shortages seen in Australia. When you’re ready to scale, you can hire an entire team of skilled data scientists for what you would pay one data scientist in Australia.

If you’re interested in using data science to scale, we can help. Get in touch today to learn how.