Where Patience And Hanging In There Can Lead You

Clare Anderson
03rd June 2021
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Andre, Junior Consultant, International Telecoms Engineering.

Reflecting back over the last few years, I’ve realized that patience - and never losing sight of your goals - yields results - no matter how frustrated you become along the way. I always knew that I wanted to support my family financially and create a safe and comfortable life for all of us. Life has a habit of throwing curve-balls in your way though! 

Things started not quite going according to plan when I ended up taking five, rather than four, years to complete my Applied Mathematics degree. This really wasn’t on my ‘winning at life’ agenda but I hung in there and eventually graduated, proudly. Applied Mathematics degree? Tick. 

The pressure was then on to get a good job - fast - and this, I’m happy to say, I managed in only two months. The next curveball waiting for me was dealing with my lack of confidence in my English language communication skills. It took me a fair few months to pluck up the courage to overcome my nervousness in speaking to my Australian colleagues. Only then did I realize how much I’d been tying myself up in knots unnecessarily! They understood me completely straight away - and reassured me that I had nothing to worry about. Mastering a language that wasn’t my mother tongue? Tick.

I was hired as a Network Planner (as everyone is initially) with an international telecoms engineering company. Only a few weeks into my induction training, my tech skills were noticed and I was immediately promoted to a Tech Lead. I suddenly felt overwhelmed and paralyzed by the responsibilities I had been given. Was I up to learning the client’s software really quickly - and training and supporting everyone else on it? Could I step up to the plate and submit the deliverables super quickly? I’d taken a whole year longer than I should have to finish my degree, remember?! Once again my Australian colleagues stepped in to support and boost my confidence - they helped me to believe in myself and my capabilities. Overcoming crippling self-doubt? Tick.

And then came a period of what I call ‘floating’. Drifting from one project to the next - but not being given the opportunity to really sink my teeth into any of them. The lack of responsibility left me feeling directionless and floundering - I started to doubt my value and became increasingly de-motivated. After what felt like far too long a time, I was finally given an opportunity to really shine - and was promoted to a Junior Consultant! This role involves liaising directly with clients in the United States - getting clarity on their data when needed and suggesting solutions to their problems. Me, who thought my English was not very good, remember?! I was even flown to our Brisbane office in 2019 to meet my Australian colleagues. The safe, non-judgemental, relaxed culture grew me - I felt so liberated and my horizons were so expanded. No words for what an awesomely life changing experience - full of firsts - this was for me!  I also now provide processes, documentation and training to all our newbies and have finally found my niche where I can excel. Overcoming demotivation and more self-doubt to land my dream job? Tick.

I’m aiming to be promoted to a full Consultant within the next few months - and I know this will happen. Like I said at the beginning, patience and never losing sight of where you want to go yields results. Have self belief, be proactive and wait - and good things will come to you. Never give anything less than your best - no matter how easy or difficult the task may be. Patience is everything. What’s meant for you will come to you - my career growth and development as a leader is all the proof you need.



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