Turning Anxiety And Self-Doubt Into Excitement And Self-Belief Will Change Your Life

Clare Anderson
10th June 2021
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Kaye, Senior Recruitment Officer.

With hindsight, I realize that the anxiety, self-doubt and overwhelm I felt when I was handed the job of running the recruitment department all by myself were blessings in disguise. So much responsibility to be trusted with at the tender age of 22! Recruitment was the lifeblood of the company - and it all rested on my shoulders! I was so young and inexperienced - could I actually pull this off?! 

One of my biggest challenges was having the confidence to chat to experienced and high-level technical candidates. What did I really know about anything STEM-related?! So much technical jargon to get to grips with! I was intimidated - the fear and self-doubt sometimes felt paralyzing. I was offered another opportunity to work in a team where responsibilities would’ve been shared. How much easier and less stressful would this be?! Enter our CEO, our Operations Manager and our People Manager. They were always with me, always encouraging me, always believing in me, always trusting me. They never let me down, especially at the times when I doubted myself the most. Our CEO told me he trusted me to do the job all on my own - and do it well. He reminded me of all I could learn if I stuck with it - so I did.

So how did I overcome not really having a clue about anything technical? By educating myself of course! If my bosses believed in me, why should I doubt myself? I decided I needed to learn and understand the tech world. I read relevant articles. Researched and started to understand technical jargon. Attended meet ups after work hours with developers, mathematicians, data scientists and the like so that I could better understand their world. My feeling of intimidation slowly started to disappear. My confidence grew. My managers had seen my potential and now so did I - I had this! The support I received from senior management never let up - someone was always in touch with me daily to check how I was doing. I was even sent on a trip to Australia (my first time out of the Philippines on my own!) to meet our clients in person - need I say what a horizon-broadening experience this was?!

I am so happy I summoned the courage to be honest and show my vulnerability. I am humbled and grateful to working with a company that has been not only a huge part of my professional growth, but my personal development too. The support and trust I and all my colleagues receive is stupendous. Not even a global pandemic can stop us. I’m proud to say that Sharesource is continuing to bring incredible opportunities to people, we’re growing exponentially and I got to help open up our new office in Vietnam! I now work with two new Recruitment Rockstars (a third is planned) and we reached our 100th member in the middle of the pandemic last year (up from 4 in our Manila office when I joined as a founding member four years earlier!) I’m a Sharesource Values Ambassador - I believe in our values so much that I live and breathe them every day.

The point of my story? Dig deep when anxiety threatens to eat you alive. Find your self-belief and strength - you truly can do anything you put your mind to - no matter how big it might initially seem. Genuine excitement has replaced crippling fear and I know that Sharesource is going to reach it’s BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) of 10 hubs globally - nothing is stopping us!



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