Travelling Comes In Many Forms

Clare Anderson
22nd July 2021
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Bernadeth, QA Officer

Growing up in a remote province bounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Sierra Madre mountain range, I always yearned to travel. I lived for the school holidays when my grandparents would take me to other provinces and sometimes even cities. I found much joy in discovering new places, new people and cultures, new and exotic food! I remember one of my college Professors telling us how he’d been able to travel, not because he could afford it, but because he studied. I took this to mean that getting exemplary grades and awards - that sort of thing - was the way to broaden one’s horizons. I thought that perhaps joining the military was the way out into the world. I didn’t pass the physical fitness test for this - clearly the universe had other plans for me. However, travelling is expensive so I kept my early expectations low. I didn’t dream big - I wanted to get a job after I graduated with my maths degree and help my parents with the bills. Send my sister to school. That sort of thing. 

Then, four years ago, I landed a job with Sharesource and a global telecoms company who make personal and professional growth their top priority. I had no idea of the opportunities that lay ahead of me! These included discovering my passion for quality assurance and quality control - something I only realised I love in the introductory training we were given. I was encouraged to develop these skills and it’s led me to a place of leadership that I never envisaged. I now know what teamwork looks like, having been given the opportunity to manage people - and I, in turn, can share my knowledge with them. I’ve been able to learn basic coding and programming and have the opportunity to develop these skills further if I’d like to. I work with all sorts of people with all sorts of expertise - at varying levels - all of whom collaborate and share their knowledge. I’ve learned soft skills (like communication) and I’m always challenged to keep pushing my boundaries. I know that my learning journey is not over, as long as I keep pushing forward with it. 

So, coming back to what my college Professor was saying. I now realise what he meant when he said ‘studying’ had enabled him to travel, despite not being able to afford it. He meant find what you love - follow your passion - and then you will excel and be rewarded in many different ways. Thanks to Sharesource I’ve visited Australia and, even when I’m not there in person, I’m actually working with a different country and a different culture every single day! It makes the world feel like a small place and that we’re all interconnected. My Professor meant ‘do what you love, put in all your effort - and you will reap the rewards!’ And this doesn’t just mean salary increases and job promotions (though these are always good!) - it means making friends (inside and outside of work) - and broadening your horizons in countless ways - every single day. I love the travelling opportunities I get to experience - be they work-related or the more traditional kind of a simple vacation with friends!

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