Three Key Areas To Consider When Building An Outsourced ETL Developer Team

Clare Anderson
19th February 2021

When thinking about ETL Developer outsourcing, it’s important to remember what a significant role these specialists play in Business Intelligence. ETL Developers work on Extraction, Transformation and Loading of data to make it useful. Without these stages, it’s impossible to display data at all. BI focuses on storing data in one place and processing it to extract insights. Regardless of fast-changing technologies, there will be a need for data integration for the foreseeable future. Even the largest of big data storage systems can’t integrate data; not yet. ETL Developers are in high demand for the highly sought after single version of the truth they bring to data. It’s therefore crucial to be fully informed about what to consider when looking at ETL Developer outsourcing companies.

Given ETL Developer demand is based on a company’s need to operate efficiently and ultimately gain a competitive advantage when choosing how to solve data integration needs, cost, quality and time will all need to be considered. Make sure the following three areas form a key part of your risk management strategy when looking at hiring outsourced ETL Developers:-

Make sure that your outsourced team are equipped with all the tools they need to be as productive as possible. Combining a skilled offshore outsourced ETL Developer with powerful tools will guarantee you are happy with the outcome. Data warehousing is a well-known domain. Tools like LeapFrogBI, Wherescape Red, Kalido, TimeXtender and others enable businesses to do more with less - and do it faster. The majority of ETL Development for data warehousing follows industry-standard best practices. The right tools will add value by speeding up repetitive tasks. Whilst there are some areas of data warehousing that are customized to unique needs, the likes of the loading stage, dimension and fact tables have already been solved many times over and tools will make a developer significantly more productive. All the tools work on a common principle:- instead of developing code, the ETL Developer tells the tool what code should be developed. The value of being able to rapidly deliver results and evolve with changing business requirements highlights just how important it is to ensure your outsourced team have the best tools available to them. 

It’s essential to check that the ETL Developer outsourcing company you are considering working with has robust security measures in place. The last thing you need is any kind of security breach. You should also understand in advance the offshore country’s laws to safeguard intellectual property and other private data. 

A crucial part of your risk management strategy is making sure that the offshore ETL Developer outsourcing partner is a true fit for your unique needs. It’s not just about being skilled on paper, they need to be the right fit for your business and the specific project scope. They need to not only understand the product requirements but translate them into measurable business outcomes in order for the collaboration to yield positive results. 
Part of your business continuity plan when outsourcing ETL Development must include:

    • Aligning expectations
    • Ensuring all project milestones and requirements are clear before embarking 
    • Speaking to some of their former or existing customers for first-hand testimonials
    • Reviewing and understanding their recruitment process to ensure you’ll be getting the top talent available. Being involved in this, evaluating soft as well as hard skills, is important.
    • Having a single point of contact who understands the full project scope and who will relay your company’s needs to the executing team.
    • Considering starting with a test project. Though it will involve some time and resources investment, it’s worth it as it will highlight the ETL Developer outsourcing partner’s communication skills, trustworthiness and time management.

Like most STEM jobs, there is a critical global shortage of ETL Developer talent so outsourcing can be a highly beneficial alternative for companies struggling to find and attract the appropriate talent onshore. Outsourcing the talent you need will also significantly cut the length and cost of the recruitment process.  Building ETL Developer outsourcing into your business continuity plan can significantly speed up your digital transformation.

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