The Time to Be Happy Is Now

Clare Anderson
23rd November 2021
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Xyris, Administration Assistant

May 2015 was a long time ago. I wasn’t the same person back then but my journey has led me to where I am today and the realisation (as Nightbirde from ‘America’s Got Talent’ so beautifully put it) that you can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore to be happy. Back then all I knew work-wise was the engineering and photography worlds - both of which had taken me nowhere fast. I had no idea that the accounting industry would broaden my horizons and lead me down paths I never envisaged for myself.

I was a pioneer with the Australian-based accounting firm partner I have been working with for the last six and a half years. They had never engaged a remote team member before - and I’d never worked with Australians before. I could never have imagined that I would land up in such a close-knit, family-orientated, non-hierarchical support network. It’s the only business I’ve ever worked in where the Owner/Director is not too important to help the team out by scanning and printing documents - how cool is that?! As our remote team grew and I trained and mentored my new colleagues, so too did my confidence. Genuine teamwork and collaboration always mean that, no matter how much work you have on your plate, you’re never alone. And it’s fun!

Everything about accounting to me was foreign all those years ago when I started, yet the opportunities to learn and grow have never stopped. I’ve received constant support and encouragement to develop new skills. We’ve had invited speakers educating us on topics like insurance and tax. I now know how to lodge ITRs (Income Tax Returns) and BASs (Business Activity Statements), use the ‘Xero’ accounting application and CAS360 (company compliance software.) I’ve even ventured into the investment world and learned about stock exchanges and buying and selling shares! No matter how big our workload, there’s always time and allowance for learning and growth - and I love this.

So back to what Nightbirde was saying about not waiting until life isn’t hard anymore to be happy. The last six and a half years with Sharesource and the partner I work with have shown me what it’s like to be part of an amazing team where work never feels like work. I am blessed to be part of a personal, fun and supportive environment where I can showcase my skills and be challenged to learn more. What’s not to love about being allowed to shine and develop to your true potential? Here’s to the next six and a half years - and no longer waiting to be happy!


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