The Secret To Controlling Our Destiny

Clare Anderson
13th May 2021
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JD, Senior Network Planner with International Telecoms Engineering company.

Like countless others on our planet, the pandemic hit me with a sledgehammer. Suddenly not having people to interact with face to face every day, I rapidly descended into a general malaise. 

I began to feel increasingly demotivated and unchallenged. Over-thinking and boredom took over. I felt like my career was going nowhere fast. Crash courses in Python programming and baking didn’t help. I started them but didn’t finish. They just weren’t my thing. Everything felt boring and repetitive - I felt like I was on a hamster wheel.

Just when I was starting to wonder how much longer I could take it, I woke up one day with an epiphany! The problem wasn’t my work. The problem was me! Looking for motivation and placing blame outside of myself wasn’t the answer. It struck me how much I hadn’t been giving my all - and how much this was dragging me down. I had no one to blame except myself for being disengaged - and only I could change this! From this moment forward I brought my A-game to my job - fully engaging every moment of every day. 

The results started to come almost immediately. I am nominated from time to time by my colleagues in our weekly ‘Kudos Awards’. I am inspiring not only myself but my team members and mentees with personal anecdotes. I’ve been promoted - and I was nominated for the ‘Values Award’. Whilst I didn’t win, the recognition makes me feel better about myself than I can tell you. I feel appreciated and I now realise the value of my work. I wake up genuinely excited every day and am living my best life - thanks to nothing but my own change in attitude. I remind myself of my achievements amongst my goals - to highlight the progress I make every day. I am proud of my personal growth and creativity and I now realize just how blessed I am to work for a company that lives it’s values, cares about its people and inspires everyone to do their best work every day.

A Professor in Advanced Mathematics at the uni where I studied Electronics Engineering once said to me: “Failure is a minor setback for a major comeback.” I’ve never forgotten it and it’s become my daily mantra. We’ve got everything we need to succeed and live our best life inside of us. We just need to remember - and act on this. Take control of your destiny. You won’t regret it.



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