My Self-Taught Learning Journey

Clare Anderson
10th May 2021
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Lianne, Front-End Developer for an Australian-based marketing software start-up.

When I realised that my Bachelor’s degree in IT wasn’t going to equip me to be the Web Designer I wanted to be, I knew I had to find my own learning tools in order to get my dream job.

The fast-paced and ever-changing nature of the IT industry meant that by the time I graduated, what I’d learned was already almost obsolete so I had got creative with finding free online learning resources.

Just about every skill I have currently - Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, WordPress, PSD to HTML Workflow, Responsive Web Design (RWD) and basic SEO - is self-taught.

It’s not easy learning IT skills on your own in your limited free time - with no one to teach you properly - or offer much-needed guidance and encouragement. The lack of formal training that I needed to acquire these skills was often hard going and pushed me to my limits several times. My frustration often threatened to overshadow the passion and drive I had to get to where I wanted to be work-wise. However, I dug deep and figured out the ways that worked best for me to learn what I needed to. I never lost sight of what was needed to create the career I truly wanted. 

Becoming part of the Sharesource team has been an enormous blessing - one I am very grateful for. Sharesource unlocks our human potential by giving us the autonomy to get the job done. The work I am doing now is meaningful as it’s what I dreamed of doing when I was in college. I have a deep sense of accomplishment every day - which is so awesome!

I truly believe that challenges are there to help you grow, and with an open mind – you, like me - will be grateful for them in the future. I can see now that my self-taught learning journey has given me confidence, and taught me endurance and patience. These are skills that will always be invaluable both professionally and personally. I’ve also learned that being your own cheerleader, especially when no one is looking, will get you far. My new mantra is:

Never Give Up. Anything is Possible.



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