Knowing That I Am Trusted No Matter Where I Work Is a Great Motivator

Lois Shuttleworth
22nd April 2022
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Quy Huynh, ReactJS Engineer

After almost two years working from home, finally I can meet up with my colleagues at our first Vietnam hub located in the centre of Ho Chi Minh City which makes me super excited.

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The project I am working is completely new which means my team and I are building everything from scratch. It is exciting but demanding work that suits working independently, and as long as the technology is in place, that could be from anywhere.

Although working remotely has been good for the type of work that I do, I know that having occasions to meet up with the project team and other work colleagues is very precious. This is because it is on these occasions that social rapport can be developed either over the lunch break or at a social drink after work. There is definitely a place for this which is why Sharesource’s blended work model is so good.

Now that COVID has become more of a ‘norm’ in our lives, and the Vietnam hub is open, I know that I can connect with my team face-to-face from time to time whilst having the advantage of being able to use technology to work remotely. 

Last week I met a number of work colleagues including our Founder, Brendon Boyce, who flew from Australia to visit the hub. This was a wonderful experience and I left that day with a lot of renewed enthusiasm. I hope to have more days at the hub although I also know that it is important to give my concentration to my project. This means that the project team can agree on when we need to complete a task together in the hub, and when it's better to work from home so our time is spent most productively. It also means that I can go to the hub for face-to-face training, mentoring, community fundraising, and social events.

Technology is a very important part of my life both professionally and personally, and I feel confident when I work from home that I can still connect with my project team and other Sharesource colleagues. They are never far away. This feeling of connection no matter where I work is very important.

I would not enjoy it is expected that I had to come into the office a few days a week and home on the other days. Having the flexibility to choose where and when I work to suit the entire project team is perfect. 

For me, I feel honored that Sharesource and my client trusts me, and the other members of the project team, to get the job done in our own way. Trust is so important as it makes me want to work harder and better because I don’t want to let anyone down. I know that my other project team members feel the same. It is nice to know we are all working together for a common end and can rely on each other if we are unsure how to get there.

I am really thankful that I work for a company that takes the time to understand how we like to work, and provides the technology, training, and coaching to help get us there. And for me, importantly have trust in what I am doing.


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