Going To Work Each Day Saved Me In A Year From Hell (Part 2)

Clare Anderson
17th March 2021

It had been a very long and very hard almost twelve months and I finally felt like I was turning a corner in December. Then - just to round off the year that was 2020 - a friend of mine took his own life. This was a significant turning point for me. I had really thought I could help him but realised that ultimately it’s up to each of us to help ourselves. The shock and sadness of this loss made me realise that I was done with the dark and depressing place I had been in for months. I needed to take back control of my feelings and my life - and build up the courage to ask for financial help. This took me a few months to actually do. I had to dig deep as I found our family’s personal circumstances embarrassing. No one apart from a few relatives knew - I hadn’t even shared what I’d been going through with any friends. 

Fast forward another three months to March 2021. Our family still doesn’t have the money we need to hire a lawyer and get not only my Dad’s but all our lives back on track. Our lifeline - our solution that I had never lost faith in - did come. I can’t share the details here but financing - a payment plan of sorts - was forthcoming through my employers. When I finally built up the courage to ask, their response was almost instantaneously positive. Within a few days of making a humble request, my family had the money to engage the lawyer we needed so desperately and my Dad’s first trial date is set for April 2021! Our lawyer thinks we’ll probably need to go through two or three trials and it’s going to take a few months to get through, but we’re finally on the right track - the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to shine ever brighter! Need I even begin to describe the relief - and gratitude - both I and my parents are feeling?!  No adequate words really! And I’ve managed to open up to one close friend who’s helping me emotionally and mentally - I knew ‘all good things come to those who wait’!

The payment plan lifeline aside, I can honestly, hand on heart, tell you that the only way to describe my company’s culture is awesome! I had never really wanted to go into accounting in the first place (it had been my parents’ idea and I didn’t have a better alternative at the time.) I soldiered on with what I’d been educated in through my first two jobs. We were told to follow the same processes over and over again - our suggestions for improvements were never listened to. Micromanagement is not a good way of getting the best out of people. My role now makes me feel like I am at last truly delivering on my potential. My work is meaningful and gives me purpose - and would do so at any time - let alone during what 2020 had in store for me. The support we received when the pandemic hit - not only for home working - but in other ways like one on one check-ins to see how we’re doing - has been so appreciated - and helped to keep me sane I’m sure! My colleagues and I are given autonomy and respect to get on with what we need to. I am learning new professional skills every day - some through training that is given - some through my own endeavours. My Australian colleagues also just trust me to get on with things. We have daily huddles and I really feel like one of the team. They’re so open and helpful - and are always there if I ever need assistance with anything. The colleagues I have at their outsourcing partner who manages us have become friends. We chat out of hours and they’re also always there if I feel like I need them. I am constantly evolving and growing - I am exactly where I am supposed to be - a whole new world has opened up to me! I am independent and valued  - work doesn’t feel like work anymore - it feels way more like a hobby that I really love and enjoy! I have peace in my mind. Peace in my heart. Peace in my soul. What more could anyone want?

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Going To Work Each Day Saved Me In A Year From Hell <Part One>



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