Four Key Benefits To Hiring An Outsourced Machine Learning Engineer Team

Clare Anderson
16th February 2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) are evolving at a breathtaking pace and revolutionizing the world. These technologies shape our everyday lives and drastically change the way we study, work and consume. AI and ML are crucial for the successful operation of R&D, finance, sales and marketing departments and, if not already, are about to implemented into almost every business’s processes to automate workflows and improve business results. Business continuity planning means considering whether you have the internal resources to hire and maintain an in-house team of qualified experts. Many businesses are turning to Machine Learning Engineering outsourcing as ML development requires extensive experience, contextual knowledge and deep expertise. Hiring an outsourced ML Engineer or team of Engineers will offer you cost-effective yet quality services as well as a much larger pool of accomplished developers and machine learning specialists. Hiring an outsourced ML Engineer(s) is a sound solution if you want to implement machine learning technology fast and efficiently. It will help you achieve effective results, smooth collaboration and significant savings on recruitment and operational costs.

Here are four of the major benefits specific to Machine Learning outsourcing to consider as part of your risk mitigation strategy:-


Implementing machine learning solutions requires very broad subject knowledge and extensive experience for its complex developments. Your in-house team may significantly lack the resources and expertise needed to tackle these challenges and these skills are in globally short supply. It’s necessary to engage high-level scientists to work on these projects - this is a rare and expensive skill set. Teaming up with a Machine Learning Engineering outsourcing company that can cater to your requirements, especially in data science projects, will be beneficial and easier. The economic arbitrage that can be taken advantage of in developing countries for equivalent talent should be a key consideration in your risk management strategy.


Neural networks perform complex tasks such as categorizing information, making decisions and performing data-driven future predictions. These are challenging and time-consuming tasks - engaging outsourced Machine Learning Engineers will speed up the process of neural network development. Hiring an outsourced Machine Learning team will allow you to build the team more quickly and scale it up when needed. You may also benefit from the cost-savings involved in your outsourcing partner’s excellent equipment and ML software. Not only will you be saved time and money but you will be freed up to concentrate on core business functions.


Machine Learning outsourcing companies work thoroughly when it comes to creating predictive algorithms for decision making. In-house teams may lack the necessary data science tools, especially when handling errors involving machine learning. Outsourced teams generally have access to a wide range of libraries and tools for collecting, exploring, preparing and visualizing datasets. This will significantly reduce the learning curve for your in-house team and avoid costly mistakes at the post-release stage. In-house staff also usually don’t have the time to input all the data needed to train ML-based software. Hiring an outsourced Machine Learning Engineering team will ensure you have all the resources needed to achieve the desired results.


An experienced and professional outsourced ML Engineer team will take good care of implementing proper and systematic management, organization and storage of data on various platforms. Partnering with the right outsourcing company will ensure your Machine Learning projects secure sensitive information with regards to your company’s data.

There’s no doubt that Machine Learning is gaining traction with more businesses than ever using it to automate internal workflows and generally improve business intelligence. Recruiting an in-house team of Machine Learning Engineers and AI specialists is challenging, time-consuming and costly. The right ML outsourcing partner will provide cost-effective, high quality and timely delivery of even the most complex tasks from a much wider and more experienced talent pool.

If you’re looking for a Machine Learning outsourcing partner who will provide you with high-level expertise, cost and time savings and reliable and trustworthy development, Sharesource could be the answer you’re looking for.  Download our eBook, '30 Essential Questions to Ask a Provider Before You Outsource’ to ensure you're informed and have the right questions to ask when considering the next step.


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