Following Your Heart Can Fulfil Dreams You Never Knew You Had

Clare Anderson
10th June 2021
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Norvin, Invoice Data Capture Specialist.

For seven long years I battled self-doubt, anxiety and fear around turning my life around 360 degrees. Overcoming these challenges ultimately brought me more joy than I really knew was possible! My name is Norvin and I’d like to share my story of how following my heart eventually led me to a previously unimagined life. One that fulfils me more than I can adequately explain!

I was always a big-city boy. Born and bred in the enormous, thriving, buzzing, never-sleeping metropolis of Manila in the Philippines. People, pollution, traffic-from-hell - this was my norm - the only thing I had ever known. Until one day the universe conspired to put me in touch with Jeorgette, a high school classmate (not sweetheart!) that I hadn’t been in touch with for over four years. We connected online as she lived in Davao, on an island called Mindanao, a long long way from the region of Luzon, the only place I had ever known. After only a few months we fell in love and I knew that ultimately, somehow, some day, we had to be together. 

Can you believe that our long-distance relationship lasted seven whole years - seeing each other only once a year?! Why, you might be asking? I felt that I needed to be a better person - for myself, for her and for the family we would create together. I needed to mature, be more financially stable, pluck up the courage to step away from my family and create my own independent life. At times it felt like these obstacles were so big, I might never overcome them. Yet I never lost faith in knowing that Jeorgette and I were meant to be together. One day I realized that enough was enough - I stepped forward and made the move across the country to a beautiful little island close to Davao called Samal. Google it and you’ll see that it’s one of the Philippines’ most scenic and beautiful tourist destinations - and I actually live there now!

Jeorgette and I lost no time in marrying after my move and shortly afterwards our beautiful baby girl, Amelia, was born. Swapping big city life for the peace, tranquility and beauty of nature is one of the best things I’ve ever done! I take Amelia swimming in the ocean regularly - something I never could’ve imagined in the megalopolis I left behind. As though finally being together with the woman of my dreams and our beautiful daughter in a small slice of paradise weren’t enough, I was also blessed to land an amazing job as an Invoice Data Capture Specialist. The difference in culture between my old employer in Manila and Sharesource where I work now is stark. We feel genuinely supported, listened to and cared for. The culture is fun, open and transparent and I am trusted to do my job in so many awesome ways. I have a stress-free work-life balance I never knew was possible. I work for a social impact company where every day is a learning experience and I’m motivated to give my absolute best. 

Learning a new language in my new home was the least of my worries. I realize now that all you need is patience and self-belief and you can make the life of your dreams yours! Follow your heart - take a chance on making a whole new life - you have no idea what amazing places it might lead you!



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