Celebrating Gender Diversity in Tech

Clare Anderson
29th September 2021
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Sharesource celebrates workplace diversity and we’re proud to say that more than 60% of our team are women, a good number of these being in technical roles.


Lianne and Beth, two of our Front End Developers, Janelle, one of our QA Engineers, and Anne, a Draftswoman, all agree that women process information differently and their fresh perspectives bring harmony and balance to projects that wouldn’t be there was there not a gender balance. 

Their advice to young girls aspiring to enter the tech industry? Janelle says, “find a mentor, and never stop learning. Do not think that you are not qualified, growth starts when you start doing things that you are not comfortable with.” Anne’s advice? “Have courage and be confident! Don’t let old men say you can’t do it.” From Lianne? “Find new ways to expand your technical skills and experiences. The IT world is always evolving. Take advantage of that and fall in love with learning. This industry is fast-paced and there are always new things to learn. Try not to feel intimidated and just focus on yourself.”



And, as Beth puts it: “Whatever preconceived notion you may have about tech and what it takes to ‘survive’ in it, throw it out the window. Just because it is male-dominated doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. It’s just the same as any other industry, any other profession. Sure it may seem complicated, hard, difficult, not something you can see yourself doing, but, as with almost everything, if you work hard and are passionate about what you do and dead-set on what you want, then anything is within reach."




They’re all proud to have successfully broken into what has long been a male-dominated industry, but, as Beth so succinctly puts it: “I do feel proud. But mostly a little weirded out. Throughout my career I've never felt like being a woman in tech was a big deal. 

I just see it as: "Yeah, I'm a developer, who happens to be female. Nothing fancy here, let's move on."



If you’re interested in learning more about why women in tech matter - and what businesses can do to improve their gender diversity, click here to read our blog on ‘Why Women In Tech Matter’. If you’re looking to work with an offshore provider whose values align with yours, download our eBook, '30 Essential Questions to Ask a Provider Before You Outsource’. It will ensure you're informed and have the right questions to ask when considering the next step.

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