An Awesome Work Culture Counts

Clare Anderson
13th May 2021
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Paulo, dream role in IT support.

In late March 2020 - just as the pandemic was hitting the world with a sledgehammer - the universe conspired to rescue me from a dead-end, soul-destroying and going-nowhere job.

Why did I stay 5 ½ years for a company where kudos was unheard of and the glass was always half-empty? Well, for a start, it was my first job after graduating and I thought this demotivating and depressing work culture was normal. I did keep my eyes and ears open for other opportunities but none were better at the time. It seemed to me that my IT degree could get me a job but great companies that motivated and rewarded their staff were short on the ground.

In early 2020 a friend referred me to Sharesource as they were looking for IT assistance to move offices in Manila. I got a part-time role helping them out with this - and their People Manager encouraged me to apply for a permanent position and I was given the opportunity to work in my dream role as IT Support. It is this experience that has helped me realise that good companies are out there.

Sharesource is a company that truly walks the talk of its values. Fairness, honesty, openness, proactiveness, fun, creating value and making a social impact are a fundamental part of how we all work together. I feel listened to and cared for – l now know that my work matters. I can honestly say that I look forward to my working day - every day.



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