The recruitment and onboarding of new talent is an investment of both time and money and one that no organisation wants to see wasted. At ShareSource, our strategy goes beyond mere recruitment and focuses heavily on the satisfaction and retention of these valuable talent.

Giving talent meaningful, challenging and interesting work goes part of the way but we’re also passionate about fostering a strong, high performance work culture where every individual feels valued. We provide quality facilities as a starting point and set your talent up in an environment where they’re surrounded by like-minded individuals who are also working within the STEM sector.

As a global citizen, we focus on the long term talent growth of our people. Part of our strategy is providing dedicated Success Managers who act as career coaches, counsellors and confidants - guiding talent through continual growth and success in their career.

Personal and professional development is especially important for our super-smart STEM professionals, and our internal training program is key in retaining talent and ensuring they feel valued. Hard and soft skill development including leadership and management skills, confidence, teamwork, public speaking, proactiveness and creativity, as well as job-specific and industry-specific skills, extends talent members and keeps their career on a growth trajectory.

Each of our offshore talent members are full-time dedicated to a single client and should be seen as an extension of the local team and business for which they work for - wherever that is in the world. Once these talent are onboarded into your organisation, we strongly urge you to ensure your offshore team feels just as valued as your local team by including them in daily or weekly video meetings. Your talent will also benefit from your middle management checking in regularly to identify issues and provide feedback and encouragement. Communication, cross-cultural understanding and respect always go a long way and if budget allows, nothing can replace face-to-face human interaction. Of course, our local ShareSource management team is also an important part of this process and have the experience to guide and support you.

If you’d like to know more about how STEM talent at ShareSource can help super-charge your business, please click here to get in touch.