Sports Camp

We supported Network of Children’s homes in conjunction with Extreme Response International as they organised a sports camp for disadvantaged kids in the Philippines. They spent 6 days in Rizal Laguna at Rizal Recreation Centre learning about American football, touch rugby, volleyball and basketball.

Ecobrick Plastic Recycling

Plastic pollution has become a prevalent environmental issue especially in the Philippines. The Brick It On Project aims to mitigate and reduce the amount of plastics being thrown into the ocean and rivers by transforming these plastics into ecobricks.
An ecobrick is a plastic bottle packed solid with non-biological waste to make a reusable building block. It can be used to construct plant boxes, home furniture, or use them to nurture green spaces in backyards and school gardens.

Trip to Mind Museum

Last October 14, ShareSource and Biarri Networks spent a day with some Barangay Nangka Educational Beneficiaries at the MindMuseum, BGC. The activity meant to expose the kids to the larger world of the sciences and inspire them to pursue STEM tracks in college.
Along with the tour of the museum, we put together a number of workshops such as designing a protective cover for an egg in an effort to protect it when it was dropped from the third floor.