ShareSource will assist you in finding super-smart STEM professionals and graduates to fulfil full-time roles within your business, from outside of your local market. We collaborate closely with your team, to precisely understand your business needs and ensure you remain in control of the process and the outcomes.

Once a clear work statement has been established, we’ll go to the global market and source candidates that we know will be perfect for the role. Each candidate is thoroughly reviewed and tested before a final selection is presented for your consideration and you’ll conduct interviews and screening as you would for any other potential job candidate.

Both ShareSource and your company will be responsible for the induction and training of successful applicants. Your induction will be role specific and you’ll also introduce the new team members to your company, the company culture, the team members they’ll be working with, and any other information that will help them complete their job and feel welcomed to your organisation. In the meantime, ShareSource will employ the candidates and take care of all the associated paperwork, HR inductions and legal compliance, including a six month probationary period. We’re also responsible for ongoing HR management, payroll and annual reviews. At all times, your team members remain full-time dedicated employees of your company only.

Your new recruits will be set up at their workstations within a secure office environment, alongside other full-time STEM professionals. ShareSource provides computers and basic software as well as internet connectivity, and our local management team is onsite to provide mentoring and support to team members. We also have a program of ongoing professional and personal development training which helps keep your team members engaged, challenged and satisfied in their work.

At ShareSource, we aim to take the stress out of recruiting and managing offshore talent by looking after the basics, while you and your new team members can focus on the job at hand.

If you’d like to know more about how STEM talent at ShareSource can help super-charge your business, please click here to get in touch.